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Life Without End

Life Without End is a modern interpretation of the meaning of life. It contends that through the infinity of time our lives are repeatedly restored. The restorations occur at random points within the same period of time that we now live, and never are we aware that life has begun afresh. After each restoration the conditions of living to which we are exposed are substantially different, thus creating new life opportunities for each of us. Our personalities likewise undergo change because the influences that bear upon the ways we think and act differ between life restorations. Life Without End presents a positive alternative to the end-of-life teachings of religion and evolution. Major religions preach an afterlife in an indeterminate, heavenly place; whereas evolution specifies no afterlife. Numerous figures are provided to illustrate the various characteristics of the life restorations. No one needs to fret any longer over the way life turned out for them; they will have more chances.